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How do I know it backed up?

I have auto backup scheduling setup.  When I checked it this morning, the backup dates were the same as yesterday.  Aren't they supposed to change or add on?  Am I reading the backup incorrectly?  I'm on the the Home page of Backup Management.  Disk Backup is dated two days ago. Disk Backup (1)  is dated yesterday morning -- my schedule is for 2300 -- and Disk Backup (2) says Next Backup is scheduled for this morning -- 2.5 hours ago.  It is not backing up right now. I'm very confused.
I would also like to confirm that the data has actually been backed up.  How do I verify that?  Is there a way to see it?  The backup(s) are on a totally separate exterenal drive with nothing else on it.  I am backing up the C: drive; D drive and a different external drive.  I want the all backed up on the 5TB external drive which is plenty big enough.  I appreciate anyone's help. Thanks.  Michael.


  • @Libassi, Could you run the backup task manually to check if it can run successfully? If yes, and then, please check if the next schedule backup will run automatically. If it still doesn't create the new backup image file, please send us the log folder under C:\Program Files (x86)\AOMEI\AOMEI Backupper\7.2.1 so that we check and analyze it further.
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