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Ssd wipe

I performed ssd wife with zero instead of performing securities because it would require windows 7 and i think because of that reason why i said disclose down before it was 2.6 gbps write and 1.9 gb ps read and currently it is a 98 mbps write and 700 mbps read


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    Be careful to select the correct disk. This will zero out the disk I think, and also securely erase the Partition Table. Afterward, you will need to create a new MBR/GPT.
    Cmd > Diskpart > lis dis > sel dis # > cle all

  • This is because the method of Wiping the SSD that the partition assistant is doing is designed for the older sata drives, Not ssds. Writing over the sectors on an ssd will cause it to slow down dramatically when it gets close to 90%. This is because the Trim feature will try to distribute the writes out across the disk to prevent premature wear of the cells.

    The method AiArtisan mentions is best unless you need it wiped for some kind of Compliance. I find it misleading that they mention having SSD wipe as a feature at all if you have to have Windows 7 to achieve it. I have it installed on a windows 7 machine and still cannot get it to do the ssd wipe. I am not yet convinced it can actually do it.
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