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File Backup really slow


I'm just testing the Aomei Backupper Server version with the goal to add it on our infrastructure.

I need to backup some folders with an huge amount of files. We're speaking about 400000 files and around 2.5 TB of space.

The backup schema select is the incremental with a retantion of 6 backup before a full backup.

The main issue is with the initial full backup. It takes up to 24 / 26 hours that is unacceptable.

The server and the NAS are connected with a 2 Gbit/s network connection, a manual copy of files run constantly at 200 MB/s but the backupper only arrive at maximum 26 / 30 MB/s.

Understood that initial scan could take a bit due to the scan of the files but unce done, it take around 10 min, the transfer should be much faster than I archived.

Am I doing something wrong? Any chance to improve?



  • Any guess?
  • @Fyase, Could you take a screenshot of Backup Details so that we check it further?
  • Hi,

    please find here attached. Unfortunately cannot send you a screen shot during a session because two days ago the  trial has been expired.

    If you understand what if the issue I'll go on with the purchase.

  • @Fyase, "but the backupper only arrive at maximum 26 / 30 MB/s."---Could you run the backup again and then take a screenshot of the backup details?
    And, please also send us the log folder under the installation directory of AOMEI Backupper so that we check.
  • I sent you a PM
  • @Fyase, If the log folder is big, please try to reinstall the software and then recreate the backup to run. After that, please send us the new log folder and a screenshot of backup process details.
  • I sent you a PM. Didn't you receive?
  • I did a test.
    25 hours for a 2,95 TB of data at an average of 32 MB/s. Any guess to have it fast?
  • @Fyase, Could you try to use the Partition Backup way to back up the whole partition with the 2,95 TB of data. It might be slow when using File Backup way to back up so big data.
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    Unfortunately partition is 12 TB, I don't have this space on the destination system.
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    double post
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