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Backupper does not sync missing files

Backupper does not sync files that are missing in the Destination folder. For example: After some basic sync mode backup everything is ok until you manually delete some files in Destination folder. Then when Buckupper does next sync it does not recopy missing files from source do destination. Destination will contain only new or updated files. But missing ones are not copied. That's stupid and bad behavior that can be very dangerous and misleading for people who do not check if after some manual purege in destination folder missing files will be copied again. Please fix your product. Thank you.


  • @Muchasty, Basic sync feature will only detect the source to sync. It doesn't detect the change of destination.
    Maybe you can use Mirror Sync feature, which will keep the files in the target directory will always be exactly the same as the files in the source directory.
  • A basic, and expected, feature of a "backup" would be to copy all files that exist in the source, to the destination. Now I find it doesn't do this unless I pay to use "Mirror". Why don't you just tell people that it's useless unless we pay up front, so we don't waste our time testing it out? 
  • @DavidL, Backup will back up data to an image file. Sync feature will copy data from source to destination.
    Mirror Sync, Two-way Sync and Real-time Sync are paid feature. You can download and install the trial edition to test.
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