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New feature suggestion: Specify backup type according to day of the week


We have a number of backups defined - some small and some large  (3.25 TB +). We use AOMEI Backupper 'Technician plus' to define these.

Keep in mind I am talking about 'File backups' here.

At the moment these backups are set to do one 'Full backup' followed by 6 incremental backups to form a 'Backup set' (this covers a daily backup with each set corresponding to a week). The backup task only retains 2 sets.

Now the 'Full backup' of the large backup takes several hours and so I designed the 'Full backup' to take place on a Sunday.

Current functionality

If one of the backups fails (for example due to lack of disk space) then the 'Backup set' is incomplete which pushes the 'Full Backup' to a different day - which is inconvenient as users will be accessing the systems being backed up and will slow down the target system.

Suggested enhancement

I suggest a feature that optionally allows you to define a specific backup type on a specific day for each backup. In the example given above I would set the 'Full backup' to always be on Sunday (regardless of if some of the mid-week backups failed) and all other backups to be incremental.

This would mean the large, time and resource consuming backup would be certain to occur when users are not accessing the system or have any files locked.

I think this would be a great improvement, add more control to this program and not take long to implement. 


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