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Why do I have to create a full backup after so many incremental backups?

I want to have the "Enable Automatic Backup Cleanup" without Aomei creating a full backup after so many incremental backups. Its needless disk usage. Other backup software that I've used just creates one full image and then incremental after that. Verifying every few weeks is fine but there's no need to do it all the time. For example if you setup incremental backups every hour the highest you can setup auto clean is 99 hours before it makes a Full backup. We need to have the option of auto cleanup without making another full backup.


  • @Ironborg, A Full Backup must exist as the start point of a series of incremental backups. A typical set would be in time sequence. All the image files in an incremental backup series share a sequential relationship. If any one of the incremental image files in the sequence is damaged or missing, then subsequent image files will be invalid.
    So, if it cleans the old incremental backups, the subsequent incremental backups are invalid.
    So, it needs to create a full backup, then new incremental backups will be created based on the new full backup.
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    @admin I understand how it works however I'd like the option of not having to recreate another full backup along the way. Your price is really good but other software we use (shadow protect with image manager) just creates the first full backup and then consolidates the incremental backups as well as verifies them along with the first full backup. This keeps the disk usage down and your drives last longer. Verification (most disk usage) happens on the external disk which is much cheaper to replace than the servers raid drives.
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