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Check Image File

Did a System Backup and then tried to run the "Check Image File" routine and get this error message.  "Invalid image file.  This file may be incomplete or damaged, or it does not match the current software version".   

I also created a Bootable Media.

What can I do to be sure this image will work when needed.


  • Hello rollins, I understand you created a backup, and then performed the check image feature, and the image is damaged or corrupted. I don't know how to solve a damaged or corrupted .ADI file, but in the future, during image backup creation, you should check the box that says check image integrity after completion, so you know you created a good file.
  • @Csmrollins, Could you try to explore the image? Please manually select the image file to explore. If you can explore it successfully, the backup image is intact.
    If it is invalid, you might need to recreate the backup.
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