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Help! I convert window dynamic disk to basic disk and it break my pc.

I brought AOMEI Pro Yearly Plan on March 7 to access to the dynamic disk converter. I accidentally converted a partition from my c disk from basic to dynamic. So I decide to use AOMEI dynamic disk converter to change it back. So I selected the C drive and let it run. It says completed afterward and restart my pc. After turning it on again, this error shows up, I can't access my pc and I tried to follow tutorials to fix this error code 0xc00000e but nothing works. I believe that using AOMEI dynamic disk converter to change my entire C drive back to basic disk have make the entire C: drive corrupted. I need help with trying to find ways how to recover this drive and how can I get all my files back.
Extra details:
-  I accidently convert a partition from my C: drive to dynamic disk.
- I use the option to convert my entire c drive back to basic disk
-  and somehow it corrupt my entire C drive and now I have this error that I can't fix. 
I can provide more information if need in order to fix this problem.


  • @Unrealdev, Could you create a WinPE bootable USB via a third-party PE tool on a working computer? And then, please boot "damage" computer from WinPE USB, and then take a screenshot of Disk Management so that we check your disk?
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