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There is No Place to Get a refund

On your sales literature it says you can get a refund, however there are no places to claim the refund, and the emails contain deliberately no email contacts to requests a refund.

Where can I get a refund for buying this ? The Pro paid for version of the product did not work and repair my broken GPT drive, and it was the free edition that actually casued the problem I was trying to fixPro in the first place.


  • I have found the email address in another post, and have received a reply. If I get the refund I will come back to post here. [email protected]
  • Hi, I received a refund from the company very quickly, and they contacted me to try to help. But I ended up losing two partitions, which was the whole of my drives data, the free version caused this. I then paid for the full pro version and it found the partitions, restored one, but did not restore the other one, so I lost half my drive. I recommend not using the migrate of a MBR to GPT disk without backup first, and I'm not sure if this caused it, but I did notice I had two primary partitions on my MBR drive before trying to migrate - maybe you cant make a drive with that config a GPT drive, or maybe you cant fix the drive if it was in that state if the migration fails.
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