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After backup, how to auto duplicate image to other connected drives?

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Hi there!

As the title suggests, how do I set up a newly created backup image to then be duplicated to "3" other connected disk drives?

Currently with Macrium Home 8.x, I am able to achieve this automatically with a post backup.VBS script that will then copy the newly created image to my other drives.

For example:

With Macrium Home C: drive is backed up to G: drive. After the image is complete, .VBS script is executed which copies the newly created image contents from G: to H: to I: to J: folders on each drive. (G:\SYSTEM IMAGES H:\SYSTEM IMAGES I:...ect)

Can someone explain or assist me with how I can accomplish the same thing automatically with AOMEI Backup Professional and/or AOMEI Backup Workstation?

Thank you for any assistance you may provide. :)



  • If AOMEI is not capable, is this something I could achieve outside of the product? Perhaps with Windows Task Scheduler? Any thoughts?
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    put this .cmd file on G:


    FOR /F "delims=" %%I IN ('DIR "G:\SYSTEM IMAGES" /B /AD /O:D') DO SET Newestfolder=%%I
    echo %newestfolder%
    robocopy "G:\SYSTEM IMAGES\%newestfolder%" "H:\SYSTEM IMAGES\%newestfolder%" /MIR
    robocopy "G:\SYSTEM IMAGES\%newestfolder%" "I:\SYSTEM IMAGES\%newestfolder%" /MIR
    robocopy "G:\SYSTEM IMAGES\%newestfolder%" "J:\SYSTEM IMAGES\%newestfolder%" /MIR

    set it up to run like this:

  • Awesome! Thank you so much for taking the time to share this with me SIW2!  :)
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