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cyber backup will not backup after a vmotion

I have a Vsphere cluster of ESXi servers. When I move a VM from one ESXi host to another, I get an error when the back up runs!

It seems that the backup requires a VM to always be on the same host. 

Is that really the case?


  • @Gck303, Did you recreate the backup task for the VM? or still run the previous task?
    What error did you get?
  • Recreated? 

    Sequence of the test was:
    i) create a job
    ii) run a successful backup
    iii) vmotion the VM to a different host
    iv) replease the backup job

    Step iv failed. 

    Given that vmotion moving of a VM can happen automatically, it is not sensible to require that the backup jobs must be recreated after a vmotion action. 
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