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backup problem

Very new to this. I want to perform a backup task, my pc has a C drive only, I am using an external hard drive (drive D) to store backups on.  When I go to the backup screen it asks to 'add files/folders/drives' , when I click on this it comes up as Drive C:\disk 0, PLUS Drive D:\Drive 1, both have data in them.  Do I just add Drive C (source drive), and ignore Drive D (Disk 1) as this is actually the destination drive, or should I 'add' both drives?  Sounds stupid, but unfortunately I am!!  Thankyou for any help


  • Hello Sheila, I understand you want to perform a backup task. Could you please attach a couple of screenshots of this issue? Thank you.
  • I have taken 2 screenshots which I will try to attach, not sure how to do even that basic task but will try.  First one should be of screen preparing for backup, second one shows the 2 folders to add - I'm not sure if I should add just the C drive one, or both of them!
    Thankyou for your help
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    @Sheila, Based on your screenshot, you are using Disk Backup. Please select Disk 0 (C: drive) only as source, and then select d: drive as target path.
    As for disk backup, please refer to here: https://www.ubackup.com/help/disk-backup.html
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