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I have a Aomei Backupper backup of a disk bitlocker encr. (I have the key), I cannot restore files

The Aomei Backupper software sees the backup files, I can select the partition I want ro restore, I indicate the destination partition, the routine begins (proceeding very slowly) and it get stuck. Trying and retrying, it happens over and over again, always the same. If I try restoring the entire disk, it gets stuck at approx 53% of the job. If I try to restore a partition, it gets stuck at approx 17% of the job. Can anyone help me please? Thanks you very much in advance, Bob


  • Hello Bobmac, I understand you are trying to restore a Bitlocker partition, could you please take a screenshot using Partition Assistant? Thank you.
  • Hello AiArtisan, I have an AOMEI BACKUPPER backup of a bitlocker locked disk (the disk of my notebook), and I am trying to restore files from it with no success.
  • @BobMac, Did you restore to the original disk? or a new disk? Is it a system disk backup?
    Please contact the support team via email and offer the log folder under C:\Program Files (x86)\AOMEI\AOMEI Backupper\7.1.2 to check the problem further.
  • I backed up the original disk to a AOMEI BACKUPPER backup file saving it on an external hard disk
  • Of course I wrote the AOMEI technical assistance dept / Mrs FIONA explaining the above problem 
  • I sent the AOMEI tech assist dept the crash.dmp file for their in depth analysis; I hope they can find why the software crashes while  restoring files from a AOMEI BACKUPPER backup
  • As far as I know, Backupper cannot back up BitLocker-encrypted drives outside Windows using a bootable media in a locked state.  Likewise, a bootable media cannot restore back-up images to BitLocker-encrypted drives in a locked state outside Windows.  This is a critical issue as back-up images for BitLocker-encrypted partition drives created inside Windows cannot be used for recovery using bootable media if the entire system goes bad.
  • @Wrangler, When the partition with Bitlocker is in a locked state, AOMEI Backupper will back up it in the sector-by-sector way. What error situation did you get when you do the backup?
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