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Difference between copying and cloning

I would like to move the data that I have on a dedicated partition D of one of my fixed disks, to larger fixed disk which should contain onle one partition.
One option is to use the cloning wizard of Partition Assistant.
I could also copy the whole content of partition D on the new disc, after formatting it.
Could you explain which is the difference between this proceedings?
Thank you.


  • @Pierosparviero, copying and cloning on AOMEI Partition Assistant are same.
  • edited February 2023
    Oops, I accidentally listed Ventoy as an Aomei product. Ventoy is not an Aomei product. Admin, could you please allow me to edit my reply here, above. Or if you cannot allow me to edit my reply, could you please delete my reply, above, thank you.
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