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Disk Cloning Fails About 60% Through Because "Drive Needs to be Formatted"

I'm using the Professional Edition of AOMEI Partitian Assistant V9.13.1 to clone a 750GB HDD to a 1TB SSD on Windows 10.

It's an HP laptop, with about 4 different partitians, 1 of which on the Source drive I did merge with some freed-up space after getting rid of the Recovery partitian (because I'm never going to recover to Windows 8).
However, before beginning cloning operation, I ensured to restart, defragment the HDD, & restart again.

The only operation I'm trying to do now is clone the internal HDD to the external SSD (connected via a SATA-to-USB cable) without re-arranging or re-sizing any partitians.
At about 60% of the way through, Windows itself has a pop-up show: "Drive in G [the primary partitian after Healthy Boot & Recovery for Boot partitians] needs to be formatted". The Disk Management shows that the 1st 240MB of this G drive partitian is RAW, whereas the rest is just unallocated.

In this case, I cancel the cloning process, pressing "Cancel" on the Windows prompt for formatting the partitian. I cancel the operation, which usually successfully terminates, & then the whole PC seems to lock up, so I must force a shutdown.
After booting back up, I wipe the destination SSD, then restart, & attempt to clone again.
Same thing occurs.

I have swapped out the SSD for a new one, & this is STILL occurring. Does anyone have ANY idea why this might be happening?
Last note: HDD is of type GPT, whereas un-initialized SSD shows as type MBR.


  • As it turns out, that "Last note" was indeed the problem; before starting the cloning process, I converted the destination SSD from MBR to GPT using Windows Disk Management.
    Following that, cloning successfully completed!
  • @ThisIsBaloney - Thanks for the follow up!  Was having the same issue - Ugh - forgot about the partitioning!
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