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Restore from Image

i am trying to restore from an image.  So in AOMEI I clicked restore>select Image File>then I get a list of images ( inmy case the dates range from 1/21/23 to 9/1/22).  I select the image dated 9/1/22 and then I get a  "Image Information" page and it shows the date of 1/21/23 and not the date I selected.  I tried various other dates for the images that I have but the sceen always shows 1/21/23. The files in that image are definitely from the 1/21/23 backup.  Please tell me if I am doing some thing wrong or have I found a bug.
FYI, I was able to restore the files I wanted by going to restore>select task and then following the prompts properly to restore the files in the image of 9/1/22.
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