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Windows 11 AOMEI Backupper error for WSL2 Ubuntu path as backup source

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Can someone recommend a way to back up a Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL2) source path using AOMEI Backupper in Windows 11?

I currently use AOEMI Backupper in Windows 11 with an external drive as the destination and a Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 (WSL2) source path \\wsl.localhost\Ubuntu\home\wblake\Workspace. The following error appears even though I can navigate to the Ubuntu path in the AOMEI file browser:
"The program is unable to connect to the network. Please enter the correct credentials and check that your network is functioning correctly. "

Backup attempts generate the error with a dialogue that prompts for a username password and fails to accept either the Windows or WSL2 login credentials.



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    @wblake , Is this right? You want to do a "File Backup" of just one folder (\home\wblake\Workspace) in your WSL2 environment? And your trying to do it by accessing WSL via the special networking URL (\\wsl.localhost\<wsl_distribution>), and Backupper is failing to access the WSL2 resource? If so, that looks like what happens when Backupper tries to access a NAS resource with a name, rather than using (as recommended in the FAQ) IP address. Backupper is probably failing on understanding/resolving the "wsl.localhost" resource -- and I don't think you can simplify that with an IP address that would access the resource.

    Probable workarounds might be:
    1) In WSL, sync your \home\wblake\Workspace folder to a /mnt/c/Workspace folder -- and then you can backup that folder in Windows as C:\Workspace.
    2) Shut down your WSL environment, with the wsl export command (wsl --export <WSL Image Name> <Export file>), save your WSL environment to a tar file and then, you can backup that tar file.
    3) Setup Samba in your WSL environment, so that it shares \home\wblake\Workspace as a SMB share, then you can access it from windows using the (virtual) IP of the WSL2 environment.
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