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Hi, I'm writing to you about this option which seems very practical, but after having used it to move a game to an SSD with more free space, I discover that it is necessary despite everything, to keep this game which is installed on the another SSD running out of space.
So I don't understand the point of having, in the end, the same files twice, on two SSDs, when the goal was to move, precisely to be able to delete the game on the source SSD.

Did I do something wrong, or is that really the purpose of this option? :/



  • same problem
  • @Rgullings, APP Mover will move the installation directory of the application to another location. But, the application still needs to run based on the original system. To ensure that the application can run after migration, it still need to keep the source path, so the original location will save an “index” folder. When the system to run the application, it will first access the original path, then it will actually read the application from the destination based on the index record.
  • Hi There I tried this option with a some apps and it ruined my system now my backup program no longer works now a long with ms Edge
  • Screenshot.
  • @Fletch, You can try to restore these migrated applications. Open App Mover, then click "Manage/Restore" to locate the migrated applications record, then restore them.
  • can i delete the original tho?
  • @AngeryvLettuce, No, you can't delete the original folder when you use App Mover to migrate applications.
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