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How to change SYSTEM drive letter to C from another letter

I am working on a step by step process to fix the computer for windows 11 upgrade. (Currently have Windows 10)

This was a built PC, but when my friend installed the OS for me somehow the windows install drive became the F drive.

I want to do the following (believe I need to do in this order).
  1. Move windows install drive letter from F to C
  2. Fix it so bootloader is MBR / on the SSD

Afraid of just changing the letter in disk management as the system will look for system files in the f-drive. I do have AOMEI partition assistant installed if that is useful for this task.
I really appreciate any help in how to do it.


  • @Hootie, According to the screenshot, the system drive is C:. the boot drive is F:.
    But, generally, boot drive will be assigned as C:.
    You might need to reinstall the system on a disk.
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