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Syncing NAS to DROPBOX (save space on disk)

Hey, I bought Professional plan, to two-way sync my NAS <-> Dropbox. its works well, better than anything else I tried. :)  Problem is that when it moves my NAS files to Dropbox folder, my drive fills up (i need to sync around 10TB). If I use smart sync on Dropbox that makes the files online only, the backupper doesn't know what's moved and what's not and it start to work weird because it doesn't know what's already synced. Is there a way to make it work? maybe there is a walkaround to move dropbox folder to NAS? any tips would help. thanks in advance!


  • @Zygis_BoredPanda, AOMEI Backupper currently can sync data to the local cloud folder generated by the dropbox desktop app. It can't support accessing to online cloud space.
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