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Partition Assistant with Ventoy

Using Aomei Partition Assistant, I create a Windows To Go USB stick based on my current Win10 system, not a blank system using a Windows ISO. I then use a LinuxOS > Gnome Disks to create a disk image .IMG of the WinToGo USB. Then, on a different USB stick, I create a Ventoy 1.0.84 version GPT > format Ventoy NTFS > put .IMG to Ventoy. It boots Ventoy, and begins to boot the .IMG, but then it fails to boot fully into Windows 10 To Go.

Please reply if you have personally succeeded at this combination of Aomei Partition Assistant and Ventoy. Thank you.


  • @BrutalMoose2, We don't test the combination of Aomei Partition Assistant and Ventoy. 
  • I look forward to non-Admins replying to this with a solution, thank you.
  • I was able to suceed with combining Aomei Partiton Assistant WinToGo USB with settings: VHDX (not General), Legacy&UEFI. Then on Ventoy, following the instructions included in the link below, I copy the WinToGo VHDX files & folder to the Ventoy USB stick NTFS partition. On the Ventoy USB stick, it doesn't matter if it is the 1st partition NTFS, or the 3rd partition NTFS, they will both work. I did not clone any partitions, I merely copied the files & folder containing the VHDX.

    Please reply if this works for you, and of course, backup your essential files on your PC, or your entire PC, before attempting this, thank you.
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