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Password is incorrect

I made a backup and encrypted it with a pw. Knowing that if I lose my pw, nobody can help me, I wrote down the pw at two different places. Today I wanted to restore, and it says "Passoword is incorrect". I am stumped... I don't know what to do. Both the places have the exact same pw.  Did anyone experience similar thing. I am sure pw is correct because I wrote it first and then copied and pasted it when I encrypted it the very first time.


  • I've sometimes found that when I copy and paste a password, I inadvertently include a space at the start or end of the password when I highlight it to copy it. Then when this is pasted into the password filed it is flagged as an incorrect password. In your case, maybe when you set up the password by copying and pasting you included a space without realising it so now when you type in the password without the space it is flagged as incorrect.
  • @Feena, please check the suggestion from Chrisj.
  • Hi Chrisj. Sorry to be late in replying. I thought I will get an email when someone replies to my question but I did not. Now back to the problem. Yes, I realized this so I already tried by putting a space before and after and both but it still does not work. Meanwhile I read that someone else had same problem and that was due to a windows update. Well that is not good. Why a passwords should change just due to an update. 
    I am still stuck at the same situation where my password is not working. I highly appreciate any further help.
    Thank you.
  • @Feena, No, the password doesn't change due to a windows update. Your password is set very long?
    The password works before when you run backups every time?
  • My pw was about 15 characters long. I could not recover it so I had to delete all the backups.

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