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Partition Recovery Wizard Confusion

I have a Windows 7 hard drive that, after seversl years, failed to boot. After attempting Windows Recovery several times, I installed the drive in a Windows 10 computer. I was able to read the drive and back up most of its contents.

In AOMEI, the main screen saw the drive and three partitions. I figured the first two were BHPT Boot and MBR Boot.
In Partition Recovery Wizard, selecting Quick Scan, no partition showed. So I went to the deep scan which showed one partition (NO NAME FAT32).

Currently, I am at 77%, and nervous. I don't know what will happen when the scan reached 100%. Will it give me an option or will it just go forward and try to retrieve all the partitions? (Also, some are a bit puzzling)
I guess, if it is recovering these as it goes along, there's not much I can do. I am beginning to think, though, if nothing has changed, I would rather leave it as is in the Win 10 computer because at least I can access it. Otherwise, I am unsure at this point.
0 (NO NAME)   FAT32 199MB
1 (Boot)             NTFS  3.01MB
2. (Boot)            NTFS  3.01MB
3.                       FAT12  1.64MB
4 (Boot)            NTFS  3.01MB
5.                      FAT12  1.6MB
6. (Boot)            NTFS  3.01MB
7. (Boot)            NTFS  3.01MB
8. (Boot)            NTFS  3.01MB
9. (Boot)            NTFS  3.01MB
10. (Data)          Ext4   550.00 3.01MB
11. (system)       Ext4   1.25GB
12. (RESCU...     Fat12  2.00MB
13. (Boot)            NTFS  3.01MB
14. (Boot)            NTFS  3.01MB
15. (Boot)            NTFS  3.01MB
16. (Boot)            NTFS  3.01MB
17. (SDCARD)    Fat32   200.00MB
18. (data)            Ext4     550MB
19. (Boot)            NTFS  3.01MB
20. (Boot)            NTFS  3.01MB
21. (Boot)            NTFS  3.01MB
22. (Boot)            NTFS  3.01MB
23. (Boot)            NTFS  3.01MB
24. (Boot)            NTFS  3.01MB
25.                       FAYT12  1.64MB
26. (Boot)            NTFS  3.01MB


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