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Backupper - Free Standard vs Professional versions - Backup Speeds

Dear Aomei Support and Users,
One of the benefits listed for the Pro version over the free Standard is faster backup speeds (task execution speed), as described on web page: https://www.ubackup.com/edition-comparison.html.
Can some one point me to a link with a more complete description (with some technical background), that details this benefit and what performance gain , benchmarks might be expected?  One solution of course is install/run and try the 30 day trial - but I am looking for some feedback in advance of doing this.   -   thank you Michael


  • Would some one from Aomei please comment and answer my question.  Thank you , Michael
  • @Mapond, The speed mainly is based on the read/write speed of the source and target drive, and your computer environment.
  • Thank you 'Admin' for a response , but you have not answered my questions.  One of the stated Aomei benefits of going from the 'free standard' version to the 'Pro' version, is an increase of performance speed.  On any particular platform what is the speed increase that can be expect, and why!  or ... is this just a promo comment and not based on product technology at all ???  - comments?   Michael
  • Hang on Admin, are you saying that the "feature" of increased performance is actually a lie? You do know that there are false advertising laws, right?
  • @Jeffrbeyer @BrutalMoose2, The speed mainly is based on the read/write speed of the source and target drive, and your computer environment. The pro edition only has a minor impact on the speed. But, sorry that we can't explain the detail technology difference.
  • Dear 'BrutalMosse2 and Jeffrbeyer, thank you for your comments.  Jeff your comment - "Hang on Admin ....  You know there are false advertising laws ..." , hits the nail on the head.  As of today, Dec 30, 2022 the page https://www.aomeitech.com/ab/comparison.html  still documents that the Pro version is faster than the free version with no explanation or description. The comment from Admin just skirts the issue with "sorry we can't explain ..."  1. is there a difference yes or no  2. if there is a performance difference is it because different algorithms are used or 3. is the algorithm  just plain "throttled" on the free standard version.  I can accept an answer even if the technical answer is that even the basics of the algorithm differences are propriety.  But as a potential new paying customer I would like an honest answer from Aomei.  regards, Michael
  • @Mapond @Jeffrbeyer @BrutalMoose2, Our website did not make this very clear to you and I apologize for all the inconvenience caused by this.  After that, we will submit the related colleague to re-edit this page and make it clear.
    As for the speed, the free edition is slower to read sectors of disk or files. But, the speed still mainly is based on the read/write speed of the source and target drive, your computer environment, backup way and Data volume. So, the actual run speed is not invariable.
    For the product technology, it is not convenient to make it public here. If you still want to know the specific technology, you can email us in private.
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