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AOMEI Image deploy asking for password and username

I am trying to deploy system image to client computer using AOMEI image deploy. When I try to configure network share path, the system is asking for user name and password. What is username and password?
Thank you.


  • @Acenyc. Where did you save the backup image to? It needs to add the NAS/Share location where you saved the backup image file.
  • Thank you for helping me. The backup image file is on a shared partition on a separate drive on the same member server as AOMEI image deploy is installed. If you look at the bottom of the second screen shot, the share is visible:
    system backup(1) \\Flsrvr\i
    The problem is that AOMEI is asking for a username and password. Is AOMEI asking for the  admin username and password of the member server?
    Thanks again.
  • @Acenyc, It is the share path of the computer, please try to type into the account and password that you log in to the computer.
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