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Full disk backup

I have a windows 10 pc with 1T harddrive.

I did a full disk backup from that PC

If I replace the 1T harddrive with SSD internal drive, would I be able to restore the full disk backup to this SSD?

What size of SSD do I need?


  • @Centersmith, Yes, you can restore the backup to this SSD. The space of this SSD must be larger than the used space of the hard drive.
  • If there is an extra hard drive slot that is compatible and safe inside your PC, you could choose to keep both your old HDD and your new SSD inside. You Could use the SSD as your system disk, and your old HDD as your data disk, for extra space. You could also put your old HDD into an external HDD enclosure and use it as a data disk when connected to the PC with usb cable, but this may slow its speed a little, as internal SATA connection can be faster.
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