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Backupper logs need to be more detailed and human-readable


When a backup task runs the details of that run are stored in the 'ABCore999.txt' for that session in [C:\Program Files (x86)\AOMEI\AOMEI Backupper\6.9.2\log]. So if in one Backupper session you run 5 backup tasks there will only be one 'ABCore' text file.

This log file is very hard to read and doesn't capture key information

Enhancement request

There should be one log file per task with a sensible name which includes the backup task name and date / time. That would make it easier to find the appropriate log. This however is optional.

The information each backup task entry should record is at least as follows (bold items being the most important):
  1. Task name and task type (file, patition)
  2. If the backup is a full or incremental one
  3. If manually executed or by schedule
  4. The source item (folder or partition) and destination folder
  5. Start date & time
  6. End date & time
  7. Number of files processed or target sector
  8. If interaction was required, because files could not be accessed, then the number of files skipped / ignored should be recorded and for each file should be recorded in the log using it's full path
  9. Ultimate Success / Failure (even if interaction was required) of the task
  10. Total size of backup made


  • @Afmitchell, Thanks for your suggestions. We will submit them to our dev team.
  • Is any progress being made on this request?

    I have just recently purchased Backupper Pro - I like the product very much, but I do find the log file information so basic as to be of very little use.

    I'd like to add my voice to Afmitchell's request,

    with thanks,
  • @afmitchell @admin @Uptix
    I agree with Afmitchell suggestions. Current Backupper`s logs are a mess! Please, bring it in order and human-oriented form!
  • I fully support this request. The logs as they operate now are useless. Please prioritize.
  • Still no improvement with logging. The limited information in the logs makes it difficult to identify issues and check performance of backups. We need detailed logs as this is a real turn-off when running a number of tasks.
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