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Sector by Sector Clone Takes Very Long

Hey everyone,

I started a sector by sector clone of a failed WD 2TB HDD. The HDD has lost it's Partition and is crypted with Bitlocker. It cant be recognized by windows anymore. It also looses whole connection from time to time.
The HDD has Pending Sectors (34) and Reallocated Sector Count (2). Reallocated Event Count (1)

The Reallocated Sector count came new during during the clone cycle. Maybe as process of reading the bad sectors.
It managed to move 170 GB Data and shows 9% in 2 days. With this speed I expect 20 days until it finished. I dont know if the HDD can handle it as it is in a bad condition.

After a few hours it speeds up to 10 MB/S but just for a short time. Thats why I think not USB2 cause that dramatic slow speed.
now it is pretty stable at 1 MB/S. It is an external HDD connected with USB2. The target one is in a USB 3 Dockingstation. I know USB2 is slower but not that slow. I had the idea to cancel the process and connect both with sata and restart the process. I just have the fear that this aint speed up anything as the HDD is almost complete broken and slows down itself. The HDD could also run hotter if I plug it the internal SATA now it is stable at 41°

Do you think that it slows down that much because of USB2 and could SATA be a solution or does this has no effect because the hdd slows down itself cause of issues and how long would the sector by sctor clone from an external USB2 HDD to USB3 take?


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