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how to "merge" via cmd

the article here talk about /extend and /move command:
Partition a Hard Drive from Command Line Prompt (diskpart.com)

but didn't refer to a way to "merge".

I have 1 disk with 2 volumes, C and D + unallocated after D. I want to merge the unallocated with C drive. this is doable from the GUI. however, I need to script it and run it on +100 machines. I need a way to automate this action either through GUI or CLI.



  • @Alsadoon, Maybe you can use "Move Partition" command to move D: drive so that the unallocated space next to C: drive. Then you can use "Resize Partition" command to extend C: drive with the unallocated space.
  • Yes thanks, that worked fine. our problem was getting the correct drive number for the /move option. the article didn't clarify is details how.

    we have 1 disk with 2 volumes C and D + unallocated
    what we did was, move D volume (# 4) to the right.
    now that C drive (# 3) is adjacent to the unallocated space, we can run option /extend fine.

    partassist.exe /hd:0 /move:4 /right:auto /align
    partassist.exe /hd:0 /resize:3 /extend:auto /align 
  • @Alsadoon, For example, partassist.exe /move:F /left:10GB
    It will change the location of F: drive by moving10GB (unallocated space) to the left side.
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