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Backup setting - newbie

I set AOMEI Backupper Professional to backup my Windows 10 "Documents" folder.  I assumed that it would back up all the folders, subfolders and documents at the main folder level.  However, all I get is the folders and subfolders.  I did not exclude any documents or folders.  I see on the restore screen that only file types *.adi and *.afi can be restored.

How can I get this setup to include ALL the docs (.xls, .pdf, .docx, etc) in the backup and be able to restore them as well?


  • I figured it out.  I was using the restore 'image', which made more sense to me.  But, the option I needed was to restore a 'task'.  The wordings are terrible, but I got it done.  Tried to delete this discussion, but can't find a delete option.  Oh, well.
  • Thank you for getting back to everyone about how to solve this issue, Augie.
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