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Request to Reset License key

Dear AOMEI support Team, as we purchased AOMEI Backupper license and activated on one VM server machine and it was working fine. But recently that VM server machine is migrated to another virtual machine environment. once we Power ON the migrated VM server machine to start AOMEI Backupper and it ask for registration.
Kindly need support to cancel the license key from previous VM server machine and activate on Migrated VM server machine.
either reset the license.
Your support will be highly appreciate.
Thanks & Best Regards,
Rehmat Janan 


  • pourquoi il me demande de reactiver la cle de licence
  • @Rehmat, your problem has been solved from email.
    @Alibaba26700, Qu'est - ce que ça veut dire? Et ton permis ne marche pas non plus?
  • Recently purchased your software for my Windows 7 laptop.  Ran to hardware issues and I had to put an entire new hard drive in the computer.  I was not able to uninstall the software, and not able to use the purchased software on the same laptop, which is now running Windows 10.   So, I have software that I am unable to use, because it is saying that my software is already installed.  Help
  • The software AOMEI Backupper Professional Lifetime was suspected hogging a lot of resources of the CPU so I uninstalled it for a few days. Now I installed back on the same PC but the license key is no more working. Kindly please reset it for me. Thanks!


    [email protected]  
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