Bootable media--rookie questions

I am new to AOMEI Backupper Standard and have two basic questions.

1.  Can I use as my bootable medium the same external hard drive on which I plan to store backup images?

2.  If I use a USB flash drive as the bootable medium, what size (capacity) is required?



  • Bubenhaft,

    1.  You can create a bootable ISO file that could potentially be written to an external hard drive, but that is not supported by PE Builder nor Aomei Backupper.  For those tools to work as designed you would need to use a USB flash drive.

    2.  A flash drive of only a few hundred megabytes is needed to create the boot environment, but the size will vary by how much storage you plan to use on it.  If you are going to use an external hard drive for the images and just need a bootable flash drive to get the system up and running for the backup or restore jobs, then you could go buy any cheap, small flash drive you can find at the local stores.  Most probably will be 4 GB minimum these days.  Realistically you could use one probably as small as 256 MB.

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