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Unallocated space question

I have two unallocated partitions on my disk. I want to add these partitions to my C: drive. When I click the merge button, I get this popup:

Can someone give me an explanation on what this means exactly? Is it safe for me to merge the partitions? Do I need to backup my C: drive? Why is it telling me to backup * Drive?

Additional pictures with more info:


  • Okay, so I decided to just YOLO it and went through with it. Everything seems to be fine. Interestingly AOMEI did not correctly assign an attribute required to allow Disk Management to recognize the recovery partition correctly. This can be fixed with the following commands:

    sel disk 0 (disk that has recovery partition)
    sel par 4 (or whatever your recovery partition is)
    gpt attributes=0x8000000000000001

    Hopefully AOMEI can resolve this issue for others so they don't have to go through the headache I went through. I'm assuming this happens whenever a recovery partition is moved in any way.
  • @Assistmepls69, Thanks for your feedback. We will submit it to our dev team to check and optimize.
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