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What Backup Types are Recommended

Hello guys,
I'm a rocky at AOMEI in general, and I just purchased AOMEI Centralized Backupper with 1-server license; I'd appreciate your advice, in these two scenarios:
Our company stores data backups, in another physical location, using external-USB-hard drives, which are rotated every week. What is the best backup type, that can be implemented and allow me to run in 2 sets of external hard drives?
Please do not question why do we do that, if it's an obsolete practice, because I know it and cannot change it.
SCENARIO B (for fast recovery):
I'd like to implement an hourly backup, which allow me to recover a machine in case of accidental deletion faster; what would be the best option, considering that not all backup types allow me to specify Differential Backup Schemes, to recycle images after certain number of backups, and I don't have unlimited storage space?
Thank you all!


  • @Silvercorp
    SCENARIO A: We suggest that you can do full backup to external-USB-hard drives. You need to keep the same driver when you connect every external drive.
    SCENARIO B: You can set daily backup (Set a time range for a day first, then choose the time interval between start time and finish time and the program will perform the backup at intervals of 1 hour within this time range every day.).
    You can set backup scheme to delete old backups.
    But, based on SCENARIO A, the backup scheme might be unable to work.
    We suggest that you'd better create multiple tasks and set different external drive for every task.
  • Thanks @admin
    For the SCENARIO A and your suggestion, should "creating multiple tasks and setting different external drive for every task" imply that one of the task will fail, during the alternate week when the drive is not attached to its port, correct?
  • @Silvercorp, You can set different schedule time for every task and connect the corresponding external drive.
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