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RESTORE -> Photos have grey area! Aomei backup corrupted photos

Tried to restore from a disk backup made with Aomei backupper pro some months ago and cheched as valid after the creation.
Now i have restored eleven folders full of photos and some of them have grey area, so partial recovered or partial backupped.
This is a shame! I restored the same folders backupped with another software on the same day and the photos are complete.
Why this happened?


  • Can you try checking the validity of the backup once more?
    If it is invalid, please check the SMART data of your disk; it may be failing
  • @Gianmarco, Did you explore the disk backup image via Tools--Explore Image, and then copy photos from the mounted virtual partitions. Or, restore the whole disk backup?
    Could you send us an original and complete photo so that we test it?
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