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Incremental Backups are too big

my scheme is that: 1 full backup and always incremental backups everyday when i shutdown the system.
The problem is that:
1. The incremental backups everytime, always if i dont create new file at all, are really big like at min 50gbs for each one.
2. I use a ssd nvme so dont start with saying i need to defrag because its 2022 and ssd do not defrag as hdd.

It's normal that aomei backupper, i have the paid pro version, arent able to do incremental only with real new or changed files?
Do aomei backupper dont understand ssd at all?
Do i need to find a better and more useful solution?


  • @Gianmarco, Did you perform disk backup? File Backup? How much data did you back up?
    And, how many incremental backup versions are there?
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