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Incremental backup file size

Hi, I am using the AOMEI Backupper to back up my Windows 10 C: drive.  I setup a full back up for every 30 days and daily incremental backup in between.  I notice incremental backup file size are kind of large, so I let my computer idle for 10 days with no internet connection.  The incremental backup files for these 9 days range from 3.5 GB to 8.4GB.  Can I find out what are included in these back up files, because I am curious about these file size since I didn't use this computer for 9 days.  Thank you


  • Vamdg, What backup did you perform? system backup? How big is the full backup? Could you take a screenshot of the backup versions list?
  • I am doing a system back up.  The full back up is 205 GB.  The full back is created on 07/13 and I start this test on 07/22 till 08/01.  I attache the screenshot of the backup version list.
  • @Vamdg, The incremental backup will back up changed data based on the last one. But, the Full--Incremental--Incremental--Incremental--Incremental... is a chain structure. When the chain is longer, the incremental backup is bigger. 
    And, for system backup, the system will change when you run it.
  • I don't understand your statement about "when the chain is longer, the incremental backup is bigger".  As you explained, the incremental backup back up changed data based on the last one, so the only difference are to last incremental back up is created.  So in my case, I have daily incremental backup, there is only one day worth data changed.  It has nothing to do the length of the chain.  My daily incremental files have different size and not always become larger with each back up.

    Also, part of my original question is about the 9 days in which I completely did not use my compute in any shape or form. I even removed its network connection.  In this case, I am surprised to see incremental backup files with large size range from 3.3GB to 8.2GB.  What data changed are included in these back up files?
  • @Vamdg, Full-Incremental-Incremental-Incremental-Incremental...is a chain. The Incremental will include the changed data and chain structured data. 
    Could you try to create a full backup for your task, and then check the incremental backup again?
  • I did another test.  This time I created a new full system backup at 8:46pm, then leave my computer on but not using it at all.  The next incremental back up is done at 5:28am next morning, and it's 2.4GB.  What is in this incremental backup?.  Do you have a tool to find what incremental backups contain?

  • Vamdg, system will keep changing, even though you don't use it. Sorry that you can't check only changed data from the incremental backup.
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