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Error Wake up computer and shut down command

I have "wake the computer up to run task"  checked on

And "after the schedule task is complete, computer will shut down"

I then put my computer to sleep mode. 
Aomei powers on pc
Then Aomei starts backing up. Once completed.. 
It shuts down automatically.

Then... I go to turn on the computer.... and the power button doesn't work anymore. 
I try multiple times. And still not working

So I unplug everything including wall and the external drives. I wait 2 minutes. 
Then I click power button on. 
Then pc  boosts up. And it works. 

I have aomei standard version pro trial 6.9.2 
Windows 10
My motherboard is prime x370-a

Its very strange. Any ideas to fix this?


  • I heard maybe is because the commands wake the computer up to run task and then shutdown....... forces the computer to shut down....... which then..... cause something to my motherboard....... 
    Which then doesn't want to turn on. 

    Any suggestions? 
  • @Echy, We don't have a problem with our computer. Did you get the same situation when the scheduled backup to perform every time? Could you try to start the backup manually and then wait for it to shut down automatically when the backup is completed, then check again?
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