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Clone broke my SSD


I wanted to clone the drive with my operating system to a new SSD drive. It errored a few times saying I need to close all running programs on the disk. After a while I realized the Cloning executable was itself on the drive I wanted to clone. I thought that could be the issue so I reinstalled the program on another drive.

When I tried cloning again I noticed my new SSD drive show up with 0GB space. I checked the disk management and the drive suddenly showed up as uninitialized. I tried intializing it, but that fails now saying "A device which does not exist was specified".

I had just gotten this drive and I´m very frustrated.
Does anyone know how to fix this? 
Any help would be much appreciated :)



  • Nvm, restarting the computer did not work, but turning  it on and off did.
  • @Bridgeman, It seems that your new SSD has some issues. Please try to contact the shop to check further.
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