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Boot disc fails on 32 bit machine, Aomei 6.9.2


Problem:  Boot disc created on Aomei Backupper 6.9.2 fails to work on 32 bit computer. 


Computer:   IBM Thinkpad Notebook T30 (32 bit) with Windows XP Pro (32 bit) operating system.

1.  Downloaded and installed AIK form Microsoft.

2.  Using Aoemi 3.2 created a boot disc with WinPE.

3.  Test:  boot disc works okay.


4.  Upgraded to Aoemi 6.9.2

5.  Using Aoemi 6.9.2 created a boot disc with WinPE.  Did not check box to download PE environment, since machine has no internet connection and AIK is installed on my machine. 

6.  Test:  boot disc fails to load.  Error message: “Attempting to load a 64 bit application. However this CPU is not compatible with 64 bit mode. 


What to do?



  • @Camdo, V6.9.1 will create 64bit winpe when your computer is 64bit. It seems that your 32bit computer can't support the 64bit Winpe.
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