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BIOS will not boot from a migrated OS SSD

Hello. I recently got a new pc and purchased AOMEI Backupper to migrate my OS from a 525GB SSD to my new 2 TB SSD. I selected System Clone as the action and supposedly it successfully migrated my OS to the new 2TB drive.

However, when I restart the PC and go into the BIOS, I change the boot order to now have this 2TB drive as the first bootable drive. Now it will not boot from that drive. I have to restart and switch the boot order back to my original drive as the first bootable drive in order for me to even get back onto my PC in Windows.

Is there something I am doing wrong? When I do the Run Command and type "msconfig" and look at the boot tab, I am only seeing one drive there - my original drive that has always had the OS on it.

How am I supposed to correctly migrate this OS over and then boot from it successfully?

Any help would be appreciated.


  • Pepperman91, Please check the following items to check and fix the boot problem.
    1. Please first check if the source and target drive are the same disk style (MBR or GPT).
    You can press Win+R, then run “diskmgmt.msc” to open Windows Disk Management, then right click the source/target disk, click “Properties”-->”Volumes” to check Partition style.
    If the target disk is different with the source one, please delete all partitions on the target disk and convert it to the same form via Windows Disk Management. After that, please run system or disk clone again.
    2. Please check the connect way of the target disk when you boot from it. Generally, you need to connect it as an internal drive to boot. You can connect the target disk to the second internal slot, then boot into BIOS to set it to boot. Or, you can remove the source disk and connect target one to here, then boot.
    Ps. You need to boot the cloned disk on the same computer. If you want to use the cloned disk on the second computer, please try to use system/disk backup, and universal restore to another computer.
    3. Please try to clear the target disk and then clone again.
    4. If they are GPT system disk, please boot into BIOS to check if there are multiple boot options. If yes, please try to select every boot option to check if it is able to boot.
    5. Please try to use AOMEI Boot Repair tool to repair the cloned disk. Please still boot from the source disk, download AOMEI Boot Repair tool from the link, and then unzip it. Then, run “AOMEI Boot Repair.exe” (select the corresponding x64 or x86 version based on your system version) to fix the cloned system. Then, try to boot it again.
    6. If it still can’t boot, please take a photo of the boot error to us. And, please allow us to offer remote assistance. If yes, please tell us which city you are located in so that we arrange a proper time.
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