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Files backup that spans multiple SD cards?

I'm trying to do a file backup to multiple 400GB SD cards.  I have an SD card reader plugged in via USB and everything is working fine on the PC side to read/write to the SD card.  Windows 11. 

I have "Splitting" set to Automatic in the backup settings.  But every time I fill the SD card AOMEI backup fails with an error saying no disk space rather than prompting me to insert media.  Surely a top-tier backup program supports spanning multiple removable media?  What am I doing wrong?  

Thanks in advance for any assistance you can offer!


  • @Coupland, AOMEI Backupper only can prompt to insert the next CD When you back up to CD. For the USB drive (any device connected via USB port), it can only use a single device as destination.
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