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Feedback on Aomei Backupper 6.9.2 Making "Explore Image" tool paid version only

TLDR: I'm not happy about the removal of "Explore Image" tool from Aomei Backupper Standard Edition 6.9.2. and it now being a paid only feature, and there are several reasons why it would make more sense to leave it as a free tool in the Standard Edition.
Also, This change was not mentioned in the changelog, so adding a section for version-specific changes to the changelog would be appreciated.

I'm not complaining about a feature no longer being in the free version; I'm complaining about this IMPORTANT feature no longer being in the free version.
I have heard other users occasionally have difficulties restoring Aomei backups, and the "Explore Image" tool gave me some peace of mind that all would not be lost if something untoward happened, as well as the freedom to at any time retrieve from backup any permanently deleted files I in retrospect probably should not have deleted.

Many online reviews of free backupper software that I've read specifically single out the "Explore Image" tool as an important feature worthy of praise in Aomei Backupper standard edition.
It is (as far as I'm aware) the only way to retrieve only some files from an Aomei backup without having to restore the entire backup.
If you have been dilligent in your backups but your PC suddenly breaks and you need to replace it, copying files and folders from the virtually mounted drive might be the only option to retrieve your user files from your backup onto disimilar hardware that already contains a copy of windows which you do not want to replace.

A 30 day free trial of Aomei Backupper Professional Edition is available, (and presumably allows usage of the "Explore Image" tool during the free trial). This would work as a quick fix, but downloading a free trial to access a rarely needed feature feels like unintended behavior and seems like something that might be disabled in the future. Though hopefully not, as many official tutorial and support articles on your website involving the "explore image" tool have been updated to recommend downloading the free trial of the professional edition instead of downloading standard edition as those articles clearly used to recommend.

So, basically, if you are advocating using the free trial of Professional Edition to access this feature, it would make more sense and be more convenient for users to leave it available by in the Standard Edition.
(Also, Including a section for edition-specific changes in the changelog in the future would be appreciated. There was no indication of this change until I installed the newer version and discovered it missing, much like previously when the Aomei recovery environment was removed from the freeware version).

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