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Don't Miss! Free Windows File Recovery With GUI From Microsoft

Data loss can happen to everyone. Here is a bonus for every user of AOMEI, we developed a graphical user interface for Windows File Recovery - WinfrGUI. It aims to help all levels of users can recover deleted or lost Windows files with just a few mouse clicks.

Come and click here for a free download:




  • This looks like a very useful program.  The WinFR web site does not say where the graphical interface came from.  Is WinFR from Microsoft; is it a product of AOMEI?  Knowing where the program comes from helps to confirm its legitimacy and reliability.  Many thanks!
  • @LloydEwing. Yes. It is a product of AOMEI.
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    I struggled with this on some occasions any complications and it fails , but to be fair most free ones did  I can never get it to retrieve .txt files either not the cmd version otherwise it is a good tool 
  • The GUI is excellent though , any idea why this struggles with .txt files admin?
  • @Cagmito76, Did you mean that other free data recovery software can scan and recover the .txt files from the same partition? But, WinfrGUI can't scan any .txt files? Which free data recovery software did you use? Are there other data scanned by WinfrGUI?
  • No both winfr cmd version and WinfrGUI struggle to locate .txt files deleted or formatted on any meda (hdd/ssd,usb,hdd,fat32,ntfs) or at least in my testing anyway on one system and limited media to test with.

    I was saying most free data recovery softwares struggle with any recovery complications, I am impressed with the recovery software built within the aomei partition manager though as it recovered as much as other paid data recovery software did so imo excellent value but i did not check if it recovered .txt file so ill try that asap.

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    Yeah sorry all the freeware can find .txt in straight foward easy deletion or formatted recovery.
  • Yeah it seem Aoemi PA also struggles with .txt
  • @Cagmito76, Have you tried other freeware? Which one?
  • Yeah i tried a lot probably most.
  • edited July 2023
    I have used many data recovery applications, but this one did not work for me, in an easy situation, where other applications would have easily and quickly found the recoverable data. I will not use this again, or recommend it. I am a fan of many Aomei products, so this is unfortunate.
  • @AiArtisan, Could you give us a detailed description of your problem situation?
  • Does this work with old computer hard drives? Like windows xp etc. I would like to recover some of my pictures and files from my SATA hard drives.
  • @Eternal, We can't confirm if your data is still on the disk. You can run the tool to scan your disk and check if it can search your data.
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