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AOMEI Backup Issue

Recently, I purchased a larger hard drive. I took the hard disk out and connected it to another PC using a sata adapter. I then use AOMEI backupper to make a disk copy fo the drive and then restore it to the new drive. However, when I plug the drive back in, it won't boot My guess is that the BCD configuration was trashed.

I also tried using cloning. The clone did boot properly, but what was the difference between cloning and making a disk backup and restore?

How would you restore the BCD configuration? In the past, windows update would trash my drive and I would use AOMEI restore to restore it from backup. This does work. However, another use case would be if my hard drive got fried, I would need to restore the drive from backup and be bootable afterwards.


  • @paulsiu
    Did you boot from the source drive to run the disk backup?
  • No, I assume we need to do that?
  • I need some guidance here. I  have been using AOMEI Backupper for years and have several copies. However, I had assume that restore would work, but it appears that there are cases where it will not. I need to know what they are so I have a way around it or I will need to find a replacement.

    Basically, what you are saying is that unless you run Backupper on the drive it is boot from, the bcd configuration won't be backed up. I notice that cloning appears to copy that information, but not backup. Is there a way to clone a drive to a image file? The reason I ask this is that one of the use case is to backup the sdcard of my raspberry pi.
  • Please boot from the source drive to perform the backup operation, otherwise the restored disk will not be bootable. 
    The reason I ask this is that one of the use case is to backup the sdcard of my raspberry pi. -- The raspberry pi is not supported.
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