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Cannot restore from backup (URGENT)

I tried to restore from a backup using WindowsPE USB, but afterwards got red pop out window: UEFI violation, or something... I google it on AOMEI forums - to restore from a backup in legacy mode, but my USB doesn't boot in legacy mode! I googled that AOMEI should let you choose between legacy, or UEFI mode (where you are creating recovery USB) but it does not!!! 

I also tried Linux based bootable USB, but it is created in UEFI mode, which is strange!!! And it doesnt work either!!!

USB is MBR and was partitioned to FAT32 by AOMEI...

Please HELP! 

EDIT: I tried 2nd USB flashdisk just to rule out, it is a bad flashdisk, same problem1!!!


  • I tried 2nd flashdisk too MBR, fat32, just to rule out - it is bad flashdisk and the same problem!!!
  • AH NEVER MIND, secure boot was still on, it was different on my OLD PC - I didnt realize...
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