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Manage Multiple "Source Group" in a File/Folders Backup

Let's say I wanted to use Aomei to Backup save games which are unfortunately scattered around the drive because devs can't stick to one save location! Can we manage multiple source groups where each group can contain multiple folder to include in backup? So for example "Appdata Group" include only some selected folders in Roaming Folder and then LocalData Group may refer to selected folders in Users>>Appdata>>Local or User Saved Documents.
Currently there is an option to exclude folders but surely it's too exhaustive to list the folders 1 by 1. Additionally, it would also be perfect if you can rework the Add Folder button so multiple folder selection within the root directory is possible :) 


  • @Woowooindo, "but surely it's too exhaustive to list the folders 1 by 1"--Sorry that we don't quite understand. Could you explain it in detail?
    "multiple folder selection within the root directory"---Maybe you can try to select these folders under windows, then drag to the interface of AOMEI Backupper to add them.
  • You can add folder(s) to backup but for argument sakes lets say somehow there's directories with 50 different publishers located mixed in with other folders in App Data, adding it one by one is gonna be time consuming?

    You can choose folders to exclude but honestly if there's over 100 folder for EXAMPLE and you want to pick only 50, listing all those 50 others is gonna be suck.

    I tried drag and dropping multiple folders from Windows Explorer and this can't be done :(

    Meanwhile, AOMEI DO have a functional similar interface that could potentially make it much more user friendly in the restore function. 

    Imagine if the Restore Task List Screen were to be a Subtask/User custom label like "My App Save" or "My Not Homework Files" etc, then the Image Information Screen above were to be a view of the selected "parent" folder where you can select which folder(s) and file(s) to include in the backup. Don't you think it would make much more sense hahah. Just my thought... I personally would love the ability to organize the big backup tasks into a smaller Subtask/Label. This would also clear the clutter when you need to Edit the Backup Task (adding another folder) perhaps. 

    If by chance this is too hard too implement, I guess I would make many backup tasks with different folders and then synchronize them at specific time like 2.AM weekly or so haha or give up altogather and use copy paste XD so please take my advice into consideration :D
  • @Woowooindo, We will submit your suggestion to our dev team. Thanks.
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