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Unable to restore files. Only the folder structure is restored

As one of my disks (wit T: drive) is almost dead, I wanted to restore to another drive (X:) using my incremental file backup (on I:) of the dying disk-drive (T:). To my surprise only the folder stucture is restored to a certain level. In the folder pain, it is impossible to go beyond that level. Also there are no files visble in the folder pane.
If I use tools to explore the image, the same happens. The backup itself seems to be correct (size etc).
In settings I do not find a setting to only recreate the folder structure.
Please help.
I use the most recent AOMEI version.


  • @Al_the_dutch, Did you create partition backup? or file backup? How many backup versions did you create? Could you check the full backup to restore?
  • @Admin, It was a file backup with a full backup and some 20 incrementals. Nor the last incermental nor the full backup restores the files.
  • @Al_the_dutch, Could you allow us to offer remote assistance? If yes, please let us know what time zone or city you locate in and when you were free to apply this operation. 
  • Sorry, I cannot. Do you have alternatives?
  • @Al_the_dutch, Could you send us log folder under the installation directory of AOMEI Backupper?
    And, "Unable to restore files. Only the folder structure is restored"---Could you take screenshots of your steps and result so that we check further? Or, please take a video to us.
  • That would be great. Here is the log, I saved it as a txt file  as XML is not allowed as attachment. The T-Drive is backupped as Mijn Bestandsback-up(2). T-drive is giving lots of troubles so more recent backups might have failed.
    I would like to share screenshots with you, but not with the public. Is that possible?
  • @Al_the_dutch, we need the log folder under C:\Program Files (x86)\AOMEI\AOMEI Backupper\6.5.1. Please zip it and then send.
    You can try to send us private messages.
  • @Admin, the backups were made with 5.8.0 until 1-sep-2021. As the restore failed, I thought it would be a good idea to switch to the latest version. But under 5.8.0 is (now?) no log folder. Under 6.5.1 there is a log folder but not of the backups before 1-9-2021. I am not able to get only the log folder of 5.8.0 back from a system backup.
    With the email function I sent you screenshots from what I did.
    But I think the conclusion may very well be that there were undetected errors in the basic (full) backup that was made in 2020. As the drive is not completely dead I was able to copy the files from the dying drive with about 20kb/s (=very slow), it is just finished so my worry that I could not get all the data back without the restore has vanished. Thank you for your time. I will however try to do other restores in a few weeks.
  • @Al_the_dutch, It seems that there are duplicated backup images. Please also select other backup versions to check.
    In addition, when you recover data, we suggest that you use Partition Backup way when you need to back up all data of one partition.
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