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The backup does not work because of a extremely annoying bug!

I tried to clone a 500 GB mechanical harddrive with Windows 10 to a 256 GB SSD-disc and run into serious problems.

The SSD-disc is partitioned into 4 partitions but the backup is made into 5 partitions where 2 is logical partitions and not bootable, one of this partitions is the Windows-partition and the disc can't therefor be booted.

I think this is a quite serious bug of Aomei backuper version 6.5.1 that's extremely important to fix, I have used several days to make the disk bootable.


  • @MHL60, Did you perform system clone? or disk clone?
    How many partitions are there on the 500 GB mechanical hard drive? Is it MBR disk or GPT?
    Could you connect the 500 GB mechanical hard drive and 256 GB SSD-disc, and take a screenshot of windows disk management so that we check?
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