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“Windows to go creator” does't work as i create WTG wiht my present win system

Dear Admin, 
      1. i bought PA asistant pro. 
      2. My Thinkpad X13 with Win 10 pro system and 2T SSD
      3. I use “Windows to go creator” to create WTG wiht my present win system into 1T SSD, i hope i can use WTG in my SSD for convenient use.  but failed with WinPE creating failure.
     thanks for your help.


  • Please find the screenshots as follows,

  • continued.,,

  • @ShengguZhang, Did you get the second error when you try to create WTG with your present win system into 1T SSD the second time? or change the target drive?
    Could you send us the log folder under the installation directory of AOMEI Partition Assistant so that we check?

  • Dear Admin, 1) i tried more than 3 times, all failed; 2)  please find the attachment of log folder
  • @ShengguZhang, We don't check the failed operations via the log files. Did you reinstall AOMEI Partition Assistant? If yes, please retry the operations. When it fails again, please send us the log folder again.
  • OK.i will try late.
    i have used another 3rd party software " Luobotou WTG" something like Aomei WinToGo to create WinToGo SSD, but unfortnately Luobotou WTG could not create the current system into SSD..
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